Some Activities Formerly Developed.

The safeguard of human rights in emergency situations, as a project with the Centre of human rights of Pisa University, issued from a convention between
the Interdisciplinary Centre for Peace-keeping Sciences and Pisa Town Council. Trough which it is developed the subproject Prison and community with:
- The play the cage, receiving the appreciation from the President of Republic, for the high social and artistic value.
- The book the little question.
- Interuniversities Workshop: learning route for groups and environment in the Net, in cooperation with Environment Training Centre of Turin.
- To Mediate between conflicts: actions, representations, languages.: Interuniversities Seminar of Interdisciplinar Studies.
- Communication as antidote to the violence: Interuniversities Convention in Tuscany.

Active Interventions

In order to favour the participation of members of the Institute to active interventions in emergency situations, on June 21th, 2003, some of them founded Emergency psychology international association-Onlus, [EPIAonlus] a voluntary association for civil defence, at June 21st 2003, enrolled, with n¡ 1443/1612 from April 7th 2004, to the provincial Section of Pisa of the voluntary Service in Tuscany [fiscal code 93052770505, post current account 45407475-ABI 1400-CIN Y-Check 20-NAZ. IT, cfr. regolamenti].
The main aim is participation as participating observers, both in practices and during Civil Defence events, in order to offer psychological support to emergency workers.